Why is the Black Golf Directory hosting a Virtual Career Fair?
I have been a golfer since age 8, played in college, and it wasn’t until I started working at LPGA in 2015 that I learned that there were paid internships at all of the major golf organizations. Once I started hiring my own interns, I noticed the pool of applicants were not very diverse, more specifically there was only one or two African Americans applying. The reason is partly due to the lack of awareness of these opportunities in the black community, unless we attend an HBCU. The other reason is because career fairs for the golf industry often take place in May at the PGA Works Championship, which is after all the summer interns have been selected. So it just made sense that I host a career fair that is more accessible, and held at the beginning of the application process.
What companies will be featured in the Career Fair?
We will be featuring AJGA, LPGA, PGA, USGA, and Youth on Course. Most of these organizations offer spring and summer internships.
What will be covered in the webinars?
The company organizations will discuss details about their internship program, when to apply, how to be a viable candidate, and hear a firsthand experience from their interns.

How can you register for the event? 
Registration is open today! Anyone who registers will receive a full recording of the webinars, along with monthly reminder emails until the end of the year about the application deadline.

Who should register?
Anyone 14 and older should apply. Youth On Course specifically hires high school aged interns. The other companies are looking for interns 21 and older. Being in college is not a requirement for all. This is also good for parents or instructors who engage with youth that may be eligible for these opportunities in the future.

Registration link: https://www.blackgolfdirectory.com/