Kudos to Raquel Simpson started this petition for the Golf Team of Hampton University – via Change.org


Hampton University, a private HBCU located on the shores of Virginia, has suffered a major financial loss due to the implications of Covid-19. The school lost an estimate of $40 million, and in turn, the golf team, both womens and mens, has been cut completely in order to make up for the financial hardship. The golf team needs about $300,000 to run.

Though this is a huge loss and inquiring the money to help the team function will be difficult, I also want to highlight the student-athletes affected, like myself, who have signed NCAA contracts nearly two months ago that granted us not only the amazing opportunity to play at Hampton, but a scholarship award as well.

My teammates and I want to raise awareness. HBCUs are severely underfunded, and while both public and private HBCUs experienced major declines in federal funding between 2003 and 2015, private HBCUs experienced a 42% reduction in funding.

If you sign and share this petition, we hope to appeal to a greater audience that can potential help fill this financial burden.

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