About Us

For decades golf has been a game in the eyes of many as the sport for the “haves” and the “have nots.” Regardless of the history, we are aware of the many accomplishments achieved by these pioneers on and off the tour. Black Golf Wire will also highlight those individuals behind the scenes through the decades who have been instrumental in changing the way golf is enjoyed on and off the greens by all and just not a select demographic.

Our Voice

Black Golf Wire will feature the back stories of our pioneers and current golfers to celebrate their accomplishments. The website will feature current industry news, press releases, product and travel reviews, video coverage, and more from established and aspiring bloggers, authors, journalists, photographers and videographers. Black Golf Wire will provide a platform that can be shared globally as a premier source. It will also allow our voice to be shared, heard, and enjoyed by those who desire to know the history and future of the Golf Industry from our perspective.

Our Perspective

The perspective of minority golfers has been ignored and side-lined for many decades. We deserve the opportunities to professionally cover the tour within the ropes, interview professional players, showcase and review new products, and receive invitations to review global golf destinations. As a result, Black Golf Wire is being launched to ensure our voice and perspective is recognized and respected by the global golf community as a media outlet.